The Ohio Connection for Contractor's Insurance. We provide all of your Contractor Insurance needs including General Liability, Commercial Auto, Equipment, Tools, Bonding, and Personal and Group Health.

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Professionals who specialize in the needs of Contractors in Ohio are the people ready to serve you at A. M. Peck & Co. Allow our experience to put you at ease and our track record to impress upon you why A. M. Peck & Co. is the Ohio Connection for Contractor's Insurance. This website is our effort to stay on the cutting edge by offering current and prospective clients a convenient online format for service. We have had the privilege of providing competitive rates and quality service to numerous contractors. Let our experience and commitment save you money and benefit you.

In addition, we offer our customers comprehensive services that enable us to serve not only as your Ohio Connection for superior assistance, but your one-stop resource for all  your insurance needs. Our expertise is available to you in: General Liability, Property Insurance, Business Auto, Equipment, Tools, Bonding, Personal Health & Group Health Insurance, Pension Plans, 401K Plans, and Estate Planning.

Before You Sign The Contract:

A. M. Peck & Co., Inc. provides you with a "bonus" service called "Before You Sign The Contract." Our clients simply fax a copy of the contract to us and within minutes, we notify them to let them know if they have the proper insurance for the work, or if they need to buy additional insurance to conform to the contract. Many times we get calls requesting additional insurance at the last minute because a general contractor or developer will not pay because his sub does not meet their insurance requirements. Send your contracts to us first, and you will not be caught with any last minute surprises.

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